PAG Show Coordinators Check List

A coordinator oversees all aspects of a show from inception and hanging through to the reception and takedown day.  The coordinator’s goal is to fill the show with 22 to 25 participants as this helps us meet our financial obligation to the gallery.


__ 1. Sign up 22-25 Participants


__ 2. Gather jpegs and create a thumbnail sheet


__ 3. Remind all to send in Payment and Tab Information


__ 4. Select and send an image for the eblast by the 20th of the month


__ 5. Create a sign that will hang in InnerSpace announcing the show’s theme


__ 6. Send a list of participants to the Treasurer so fee payments can be tracked


__ 7. Send a list of participants to the Tag information printer


__ 8. Remind participants of hanging day and time


__ 9. Hanging day: bring thumbnail sheet, show sign and your image


__ 10. Email a “thank you” to participants and remind them of the reception date and time and to bring food or drink to share


__ 11. Send jpegs to the web master so they can be added to our web gallery ([email protected]JPGs should be named as: ArtistName_TitleOfImage.jpg


__ 12. Attend reception


__ 13. Remind participants to pick up their pieces on the takedown date


   Finally, after the show is installed at the gallery be sure to send the actual list of participants

       with hanging images to the PAG treasurer, currently John Foltz.   [email protected]