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Artist Bio - Jack Quintero

Making a good photograph reaches out to both art and science, I think, and so a good photograph is a collaboration of heart and mind that in some sense demands that the viewer join in on the adventure. The nature of the adventure itself is ineffable.

As a young man, I was drawn to what I considered beautiful photographs, but the time demands and the costs of film photography put it way out of my reach. Now retired after a long and rewarding career as a literature and linguistics teacher at a local college here in Southern California, I have the time for such a passion, and the digital revolution has made its pursuit affordable.

A fine landscape image moves me most as it slices out a powerful moment in nature's time and lets it become mine forever, such moments otherwise so rare in these days of helter-skelter. The Eastern Sierra, Death Valley, and the red rock country of Utah and Arizona feel like second homes to me whenever I fix my camera and tripod there and wait for the light.

I also do a fair amount of travel photography now that my wife, Susan, has taught me how to travel with uncharacteristic patience and even with a touch of grace. We've visited all parts of the United States and Europe, with a camera as my constant second companion. I love cityscapes, large and small, icons and not.

I've read a lot about photography, I've looked at thousands and thousands of images by other photographers, and I've even attended a few workshops. So, as is the case with so many, I do know what I like when I see it--I just don't always know how to make it myself. But there is time, there is time.

My personal web site (url is just below) features landscapes, cityscapes, and many other -scapes and odds and ends.

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