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Artist Bio - Kira Carrillo Corser

I specialize in producing art and projects arts that combine beauty with imagery to change lives.

* 30 awards as a photographic artist, writer and video-producer, including 8 years teaching at California State University Monterey Bay and 10 years as staff photographer at KPBS.

* Master of Fine Arts Degree and a BS in Journalism.

* Nationally traveled collaborative exhibitions, along with 3 books and 9 videos have been supported in part by many foundations and grants. Photography has shown in major museums, including the Smithsonian and the Museum of Photographic Art, as well as in many state capitals and the U.S. Senate and Congress Buildings.

* Currently I founded and work as Team Leader for Sea Changes ACT a collaborative project with scientists and artists working together to protect ocean resources. This work includes another PAG member, Mary Marshall’s video in a Virtual Undersea Experience with imagery and music.

Contact Information
510.684.4651 cell