Zenfolio | Photo Arts Group | June 2014 Show - Driven to Abstraction
Driven to Abstraction
A show of abstract photography by the PhotoArts Group

The camera does a very good job of creating a 2-D representation of our 3-D reality. Most often the pictures we take center around recognizable subjects such as people, buildings, a scene from nature, etc. All these subjects have attributes we associate with them gained from our life experiences. In abstract photography, we try to set these attributes aside and look at these subjects in terms of their component shapes, lines, colors, and textures. We may find that a common ordinary object that is very mundane in its function can come alive and be very interesting when looked at from this new perspective. We’ve all seen a picture of peeling paint that when looked at out of context, (as the side of a building that needs repair), can become a fascinating collection of shapes, lines, colors, and textures that form an image as a work of art. Abstract pictures like this can be found everywhere, and looking for them is a good way to develop a photographic eye.