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Artist Bio - Marc Kitaen

Marc Kitaen, a native San Diego Photo Artist, FX Portrait Photographer and Graphic Designer, with a knack for crafting wild and whimsical fine artwork images and alluring portraits for people and pets.

I have worked as a visual artist for over twenty six years. Sixteen years as a Photo Artist, FX Portrait Photographer and Graphic Designer. From 1986-1996, I was creating and selling hundreds of 2D /3D mixed media sculptural wood reliefs, (wall decorations) and acrylic paintings. Operating for many years at my art studio located in historic Spanish Village Art Center, in Balboa Park, San Diego, CA.

Self taught with my artistic skills since early childhood till the present. The old school tools and artist techniques I acquired then, combining the new computer technology and digital cameras of today, has raised my ability to express myself profoundly to new artistic levels.

For my "FX Portraits", I utilize my original fine artwork, photographic images and custom digital backgrounds, into which photographic images of people and pets can be dropped into them, it gives the illusion that they are actually there".

My Photography, Photo Artwork, and 3D Sculptural Wood Reliefs art have been exhibited in international shows, local museums and gallery one man art shows, local art fairs, published in magazines, multiple 1st placed awards at County Fairs, and aired and interviewed on the Artist TV Channel.

Contact Information
Phone: 619-618-6428
Website: fxphoto.webs.com
Email: marceagle@cox.net
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mkitaen