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San Diego photographer Wayne Richard is an alchemist behind the lens. A passionate photographer for over 50 years, Wayne continues to delight those fortunate enough to experience his work with imagery that is not only a visual smorgasbord of color and emotion, but a meditative place that offers great solace. Possessing the unique ability to infuse his images with a wide spectrum of emotions, he captivates his viewers' hearts and souls. What you don't see is the patience and long hours of searching that produce these visual gems, but that is the magic of the artistry! Complimenting his creative genius, Wayne is a tenured imaging scientist, recognized as an expert in the areas of digital image processing, color science, visual perception, optics, printing, and other disciplines that are intimately related to his craft. Seamlessly blending his broad capabilities, ranging from the creative to the highly technical, Wayne delivers exceptional results in his fine art work. Welcome to his website where you are warmly invited to explore, experience and enjoy passionate visions of our world as seen through his creative eye. In addition to his fine art, Wayne offers workshops, as well as individual and group instruction in photography, and provides technical consultation for industrial clients.

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