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Artist Bio - Joseph Chirra

I want the images I make to provoke a response, to evoke a feeling, to move a viewer to say “Ah!” So, I catch the light falling on a sensor and then transform the pixels to depict what I saw or, more correctly, what I felt.
Photography is one of my passions. I spent one career as a successful trial attorney and, for many years, I have taught a couple of political science classes each semester at a community college. The art of cross-examination and the art of teaching have informed my photographic art. Both of them require listening carefully and I believe a careful listener can learn to become a careful viewer, a person who can learn to compose an evocative image. I focus on a few areas of the art that appeal to me the most—landscapes, portraits, and abstracts. All three provide opportunities to make images that engage viewers and I find joy in the challenge of catching the light and in hearing the viewer say “Ah!”

Website: www.josephchirra.com
Email: Success@JosephChirra.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/JosephChirraAuthorPage/