Artist Bio - Joseph Chirra

I want the images I make to provoke a response, to evoke a feeling, to move a viewer to say “Ah!” So, I catch the light falling on a sensor (I gave up film long ago) and then transform the pixels to depict what I saw or, more correctly, what I felt. Sometimes, I get it right. More often, I learn something from my failures.

Photography is my avocation; I spent one career as a trial attorney and still pursue teaching a couple of classes each semester at MiraCosta College. The art of cross-examination and the art of teaching have informed my photographic art. Both of them require listening carefully and I believe a careful listener can learn to become a careful viewer, a person who can learn to compose an evocative image.

Coming to photography later in life, I’m still settling into the few areas of the art that appeal to me the most—landscapes, portraits, and abstracts. All three provide opportunities to make images that engage viewers and I find joy in the challenge of catching the light and in hearing the viewer say “Ah!”

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