I. The PAG website: After you have participated in an InnerSpace show (described below), you can then have your personal web page added to our PAG site. Please let me know when you are ready to do so. Tony Loeffler is our web master. When you are ready, I will ask him to add your page with any image uploads to the site.  I can answer questions about the web site, but I can't add you to it.
II. How to join the two PAG message boards on Yahoo-- Once again, only one person can add newcomers' names to the group. His name is Will Gibson, and here is his e-mail address-- He's also busy--more patience.
In your note to him, explain that I have directed you to him and that you want to join both the business group and the discussion group. He will get back to you with the info and the password stuff. Once you're on the message boards, I can answer questions about it.
Here are the urls to the two message boards on Yahoo:
III. How to enter a show at InnerSpace--You  must be a member of the Escondido Arts Gallery to hang anything in the building. That membership also allows you to hang pieces in their shows too. Several PAG members hang in both, often at the same time. To join EAP, you will need to contact that group either in person or by way of EAP's web site. Here is the url to the website:
a. When you see a show you want to be a part of, contact the coordinator right away to say so. The contact info can be found on the PAG web site, in the minutes of the meetings, and on the message board. Ask him/her where you should send jpgs of your prospective entries, usually 2-4 of them. Jpgs should be no more than 1920px wide and no more than 1200px tall. DPI doesn't matter because these files are for digital display only. Some coordinators want the files uploaded to the PAG site; others want them sent to their own email addresses.
b. Without waiting for approval from the coordinator, send your hanging fee by check to: 
  Dennis Smith (PAG), 1586 Dawson Dr., Vista, CA 92081
and include a note telling him which show you are paying for. You can do this well in advance of any show to ensure that you'll have a spot in it--subject to the coordinator's approving one of your jpeg files.
c. We have a "first paid, first hung" policy. We usually want 20-22 images per show to pay the rent on the space and the ancillaries. Up to 24" wide = $20.00; 24"-36"  = $30.00; $40.00 beyond that. But nobody hangs pieces that are so large; to do so keeps others from being in the show at all. No limit on the vertical side.
IV. The Salons: If you want to show up to four images at the salon part of our meetings, send jpgs of them to Vern Elmore at:
Horizontal images should measure no more than 1920px wide and no more than 1200px tall. Save them at high quality. Name the files consistently in a fashion similar to this: 
name_01.jpg  (name can be either first or last)
Email them to Vern no later than the Monday 6:00pm before the Tuesday meeting.
Of course, I've missed something, and, of course, you'll notice it :-) Please contact me about any of this stuff when you need to.
Jack Quintero
And, welcome again!